Silicone Solarlight Canteen

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The Silicone Solarlight Canteen is an amazing piece of technology that combines the best aspects of multiple pieces of gear into one rugged, easy-to-store tool. 

  • It can boil water over a 750° open flame!
  • It's fully collapsible
  • It has a super bright solar powered LED lantern that NEVER needs batteries and can last up to 12 hours on a single charge
  • Plus, it's internal battery pack can be used to re-charge your devices

What are the main elements you need to survive when disaster strikes or when you are out off-the-grid? Water, food, shelter, light, and the ability to communicate. You can use this canteen to purify your water, provide light at night, re-charge your device so you can communicate with first responders, place it in SOS mode so you can be found easily, even use it to attract fish at night to help you get food.

More gear isn't necessarily better; having the RIGHT gear in your emergency pack or camping bag can make all the difference!


Solar-Powered, so you never need to worry about charging

Collapsible, and fits anywhere

Waterproof, to store your valuables and keep them dry in streams or rainstorms

Fireproof, which lets you boil your water without a pot

A Canteen, with its own measuring cup printed on the side


Ships from our Virginia Location. Will arrive anywhere in the US, P.R. or the USVI in 5-7 days or less!.


This canteen is such a CRITICAL ITEM that we are offering it to you, RIGHT NOW, at $15 OFF MSRP.  BUT YOU NEED TO ADD IT TO YOUR CART RIGHT NOW because we can only offer our REMAINING inventory at this price. Our manufacturer has increased prices and once the current stock is gone, we have to increase to $29.99.